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Family Travel









Traveling abroad with your family is a daunting undertaking, but we've got your back! Our guides are highly experienced and understand the needs of kids and adults alike. During the day, you’ll do cool things like ice cream tasting, river rafting, mountain biking, sand surfing, or hands-on volunteering with the local community. We will listen carefully and tailor the program to your family's lifestyle and weave the program with plenty of choice and flexibility. No need to rush through the breakfast buffet in the morning or return late to the hotel after pool hours. And please, give yourself a break! We'll gladly arrange a fun chaperoned evening for the kids, while you and your significant other spend some quality we-time together. 


We have partnered with the best family friendly hotels available to ensure a relaxing stay for all. And when it comes to food, your picky eaters will be fine too. Together, you will discover your favorite falafel, hamburger or pizza place, while helping them explore new Israeli tastes. At the end of the day, you will know you did good by the big smiles on their faces. And the cherry on top - a full day of adventures usually means an earlier bedtime! Are you in? 

Our family trips are the kind of trips that we like to take - engaging, personalized and a lot of fun.

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