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Our personalized insider tours of Israel feature our favorite places and people. They are innovative, sustainable and fun beyond anything you've imagined. Magnolia provides you with authentic experiences by working with local partners, locally-run accommodations, native guides, and grassroots initiatives. We believe that responsible travel can make a positive difference in Israel and the world. 

Our core values and goals are intentionally aligned with United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, and advocate for reduced inequalities, responsible consumption and protection of life on land and below water. As a female-owned business, we are passionate about women's causes. We believe women are the biggest agents of change and aim to include more female perspectives on our trips. We pledge to give 1% back to a local cause that matters to you. 


Magnolia Israel Tourism Ltd is all about sustainable travel. We have partnered with tourism organizations globally in the TOURISM DECLARES initiative and have committed to taking significant actions to reduce our carbon emissions by 2030.   

Our Founder & CEO

Mayan Chin Jacobi is the planning and creative driver behind all of Magnolia Israel trips. She has over 10 years of experience working on distinctive trips with families, congregations, colleges and federations in North America and the world.


Mayan's passion to travel began at the age of 12 during a family relocation to India. Not only was she able to reconnect with her Jewish-Indian heritage, but also travel all across Asia. During these years, she discovered travel as a mean to create sincere connections with people and understand local culture. Since then, she has been translating her cheerful personality and her conscious lifestyle into unforgettable trips for clients around the globe.

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